I’m Alec

What’s up?

I’m Alec. That’s me in the middle. Cant remember what I was laughing about?

My guess? It was freakin’ hilarious.

mtajThe other two are my main peeps. Daddy’s name is Mark. Mommy’s name is Tami.

I’m profoundly autistic. And I’m 20-something. Although I have no idea what that even means????

Daddy and Mommy affectionately call me The Giant 3-Year Old. Not sure what that means either????

They’re both pretty cool. Mommy’s really smart. Daddy…well…he’s funny…I guess.

When I want something from Mommy…I usually just have to give her a hug. When I want something from Daddy…I usually have to hug Mommy and get it from her.

Anyway. I pretty much non-verbal.

I take that back. People SAY I’m non-verbal.

I don’t know about that? I can say:


Frensh fry chicken.

Pizza. Taco.




Nana Papa’s.

I can name all the Disney Princesses. Lil’ Mermaid. Snowhite. Cin-a-rella. Ladin. Bu-tee and Beeees. Fro-shun. Pick one…I can name her.

And every Thomas character. Aaaand, there’s not one Fraggle I can’t name.

You know. Important stuff.

Besides. What else do you need to say?

Maybe I talk just enough. And everyone else talks WAY too much? (Working theory.)

Plus. I can find pretty much any video I wanna watch on my compuker.

Anything else? My peeps seem to be able to understand…and fetch me.

I’ll deny this if you tell ’em…but sometimes I just make words up.

See what they come up with. Hilarious!

The posts you see on here…are probably not my own. Like I said…I don’t talk…or write.

Mom and Dad always say they’d pay anything to find out what I’m thinking…just for a minute.

So I guess the posts here? Well…they’ll just be their ideas of what I might be thinking.

Let’s get started.

See if they can figure this one out <insert shaking my head> AND <palm to forehead> here.

Do me a favor though. Just…humor them. Read and/or watch my posts. I’ve been takin’ care of them most of my life…so they probably know a thing or two about autism…and me.

See ya ta-mah-wo.







2 thoughts on “I’m Alec

  1. Melanie Taylor

    Hi Alec,
    It is so good to see you laughing with your Dad and Mom. Grandpa Taylor and I miss you and love you. We look forward to hearing more from you.
    Love you,
    Grandma Taylor

    1. AJ Post author

      His Dad is easy to laugh at…that’s for sure. MJ


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