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What’s My Thang?

Funny-Monkeys-Dancing-25When people find out I’m autistic. They usually ask if I have any “special” talents.

Talents? What am I? A dancing monkey?

I guess they’re referring to the movie Rain Man.

Like he had some kind of “talent”???

Big whoop. I can eat cheese puffs with a tooth pic too. And…oh…wait for it…I also have my people cut my pizza into small bites to make it easier to eat. Talent? What the…

And don’t even get me started on Wheel Of Fortune. Boooor-riiiiing.

But I get it. I guess people are interested. Annnnd…since I’m kind of a big deal…I’ll share.

If I had a “thing”. It would probably be drawing and music.

artI’m actually a pretty good artist. You may have seen some of my stuff hanging on refrigerators or above fireplaces.

I can just see things in my head. And make them happen on paper.

Exhibit A.

Just kidding. I didn’t do that.

WHAT IS THAT??? Ridiculous. And a little creepy.

Nope I usually focus on practical things. Things that matter.

remoteLike this. It’s a remote control. You know…for the T.Bee. It’s how I find the Fraggles. Or rewind and replay a scene…50 times. (Mommy and Daddy love it when I do that. Hehe.)

violinI also draw instruments like that one on the left. It’s a violin.

Side note: The one on the right is a toy. When inspiration hits…

I love music.

I don’t have a favorite instrument. But don’t blame Mom and Dad.

Believe me. They’ve tried finding an instrument that can keep my attention and focus.

Me? Focus? <insert palm to shaking forehead here>

Daddy says they’ve spent a college tuition trying to find an instrument I can play.

I’m not sure what that means??? But I can tell you they have bought me A LOT of instruments. A LOT.

Guitars. Clarinets. Recorders. Xylophones. Drums (that was Mom’s idea)…which reminds me…I gotta bang on those things in a minute.

And that’s Just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate it. But I really want a tuba and a glockenspiel. The tuba because it’s straight-up cool. The glockenspiel…well…that’s just fun to say.


But Mom and Dad are all “NO”. And I’m like “YES”

No. Yes! No. Yes! No. Yes! No. Yes!

Negotiations are ongoing…but I like my chances.

Anyway. If I had to tell you what my “thing” is…that’d be it.

So there you have it. My “special talents”.

Of course. I am also a pretty good signer too.

And I’ve been known to blow up a dance floor or grocery store aisle from time-to-time…like the monkey. True story.

Aw-rite. Well…I have to get back at it for the day.

Bye. See ya ta-mah-wo.


So this is where I got the picture of the:

Dancing monkey…a monkey…who dances. Hilarious.

Creepy picture…it’s called The Scream. It’s by some guy named Edvard Munch. Is that a real name??? And…apparently someone stole it once. Who would steal that????


Photo Bomb

A little secret?

fraggleA skill I have the rivals my farming …is my photography.

I am REEEEEALLY good with a camera.

Here’s a little sample on the right…notice the lighting…the juxtaposition of scary and funny…the mood…

Uncanny really.

The fact is. Some people have an eye for it. And some people don’t.

I happen to be one of the have’s.

I’m pretty sure I get my sillz from my Mommy. She’s good with a camera too. See!

Dad? Well…at least he’s pretty. I mean everyone says I look like him. Sooo….

Anyway. Mommy takes pictures of people a lot. In fact, we took some last night.

Daddy and I went with her. She likes to consult me about angles and such.

I had to take Daddy to get a dwink and candy. He was being C-R-A-B-B-Y crabby…it was kinda late…so it wasn’t really his fault.

After the candy run. We went back to where Mommy was and helped her finish up.

IMG_7938I also help her take pictures of houses. Not really sure why anyone would do that? Pretty boring subjects. But…whatever???

See what I mean???

This is a picture of my friend Lemon’s house.

Great picture…and I’m sure someone will want to buy her house because of it…but booooor-ring.

Back to me. After all that’s why your here…isn’t it?

One of the things I’ve picked up from watching Mommy take the pictures is this <write this down>.

It’s not as much about the subject…as it is the presentation.

pictureExhibit A (on the left). You’ll notice a picture of a picture frame. WITH a picture of a picture frame. Of…wait for for it…a picture I took from a moooovie.

See what I mean…you can’t teach that. You have it…or you don’t.

Sorry Dad. Mommy and me have it…and you don’t.

But I guess you’re good at…well…oh…you mow the lawn pretty good.

Here’s the thing. If you’re not good at taking pictures…don’t be hard on yourself.

I’ve been taking pictures as long as I can remember. So. Naturally. I’m gonna be better than most.

As they say. Don’t hate the player…

Although. MOST of my work doesn’t make to print. Because someone <insert quite whisper Mommy and Daddy> doesn’t let me print whenever I want. Jealous much???

Sad really.

Buuuut every-now-and-then I let them buy me some ink for my printer. I think it makes them happy to see me printing.

I think that because they always say “WoooooW! Look at ALL those pretty pictures you printed. I can’t wait until we get to go back to the store to buy more ink and paper.”

I know! You’re welcome.

Ok. Well…that’s all for now. I have to get back-to-werk.

See ya ta-mah-wo.



My Green Thumb

A lot of people don’t know this about me. But I’m a bit of a gween fumb.

Yep. I can grow juuuuust about anything. I’ve been doing it since I was little. So…I’m pretty good at it.

farmMommy and Daddy made this box for for my farm. I plant things there. And water them.

Mostly corn. Radishes. Watermelon. Tomatoes. Oh…and cucumbers.

Funny thing? Except for fwensh-fwrys…I hate vegetables. But for some reason…if they come from the ground…I’ll eat ’em.

Ok. That’s not completely true. I’ll take a bite of a radish. If it’s good enough for a Fraggle…it’s good enough for me.

It’s aw-rite though. Luckily not much grows anyway. I don’t understand?

I’ve planted about 50 packages of seeds in there…you’d think something would grow???

fly trapBut that’s not my favorite plant. My favorites are carnivorous plants. Like this Venus Fly Trap…that’s my latest victim subject.

stock-illustration-17088529-carnivorous-plant-cartoonDon’t believe the box though. They look nothing like that.

Anyway…that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Another thing about these carnivorous plant…THEY ARE TEMPERAMENTAL.

I mean I water them. And water them. And water them. I move them around the house. I talk to them.

And still…nothing.

You’d think they’d be happy. They don’t have to sit in the same place all day long like the radishes. I move them from pot-to-pot-to-pot…

But no. After a couple weeks. They die.

Next thing you know. I’m dragging one of my peeps down to the store to pick up another one. Or ordering them on the com-puker.

Dad and Mom say they know way more about these plants than they’d like.

Not sure what that means. They’re certainly not helping me keep them alive. I don’t think I’ve seen them water ’em once. And they’re not the ones moving them to a new pot every-other day.

Well…I’ve got to go with Daddy. He needs help looking at a house. Probably wants some free landscaping advice. It’s a never ending battle…

I’ll make him buy me lunch.


Don’t worry. I’ll keep you in the loop. Once I “crack the code” on the vena-fwy-twap…I’ll make sure my fans know.

Until then. See ya ta-mah-wo.


Top two pictures are mine…last one…I got here.