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The Alec Economy

stockmarketSo I was watching the news yesterday.

Ok. I wasn’t watching the news. I don’t watch the news…who has time for that?

Daddy apparently…cuz he was watching the news. I just heard him talking about it.

He said something about the stock market crashing. Crashing? Into what???

Watch where you’re going????

So I gather a lot of people, lost a lot of money…

Like a ga-zillion dollars…or something? I don’t know how much that is but he made it sound like a lot of quarters. At least 15 or 20.

If that’s true…15 or 20! THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY!!! Whoa.

tick pic1At first I didn’t think anything about it….but then I stopped in my tracks. My Stash!

You can imaging my relief when I ran upstairs and found it was safe and sound.

That got me thinking. Why are people so focused on money?

They should just do what I do. Move to a ticket economy.

See. When I do something at home…or maybe when I’m good at the store…I get tickets.

Like this weekend, for instance. While Mommy and Daddy were painting (mostly Mommy…Dad couldn’t do a paint by number if his life depended on it)…I did a little dusting.

Actually A LOT of dusting. Where does it all come from? Ridiculous!

Anyway. I dusted. Mom gave me tickets.

tick pic3I put my tickets in the little pockets of my bank. And when I want a dwink. I give ’em the tickets…and they take me to get a Coke.

Same thing for movies. When I get enough tickets…Mommy lets me go online and buy a moooo-veeee.

Although I think she moves the line. Some movies only cost 40 tickets…some cost 100…A HUNDRED! Are you freaking serious!?!

She’s all “This one has 3 CDs because it’s the whole season” or “That’s a new one”…

…”so it’s more”. It’s more???

And I’m all “What-evvv.” <insert eye roll here>

Talk about a crash. What kind of shenanigans are going on here??

But it’s cool. I can just go get more tickets.

tick pic2Do you know you can buy a whole roll of them at the store?

Oh yeah…you can.

And they usually have a bunch of ’em too. Red ones. Blue. Green. Pretty much any color.

And you can buy more than one roll at a time. Or at least you should be able to. I’m still working on that.

Daddy says we can’t. Something about rules and rega-lations???

I never know what he’s talking about???? <insert freak-flag here>

Either way. I don’t see what the problem is.

If you want a Coke…or mooo-veee. Just take out the trash. Dust something. Clean your desk. Wash a bowl…

…get a ticket. And relax.

When you run out…just go to the store and get another roll.

Anyway. I gotta go. My Flintstones movie got here yesterday. So I’ll be busy today.

Season 4. The WHOLE season 4! WHAAAAAT!?!?

It’s a great time to be alive.

Bye. See ya ta-mah-wo.


Here’s where I got the:

Stock market pic

Too Many Choices

choices_gatoradeEvery Sunday I make Mommy and Daddy take me to the grocery store.

It’s very important I keep them on a routine.

They get hard to manage if I don’t. You have NO idea!

Before we go. I usually help Mommy cut coupons.

She thinks it’s because I’m being a big helper. Actually…

…I just like cutting.

Aaaaannnd…I have to make sure she has the right coupons in the pile.

Sometimes they don’t have the right ones so…I have to make them.

Every now and then it’s tough though.


Look. I get it. Everyone has to make choices.

We just went car shopping with Daddy the other day. Do you want the white one…or blue one? How hard is that?

Or if we’re looking at houses. Do you want this one? Or that? Or MAYBE that other one? Three choices??? Ooooh stop the presses!

I also hear them talking about imbestments. Not really sure what that is…I dunno…something about korters…or dollers?

But they don’t have to decide between too many options.

But me. I REALLY do have a lot of choices to make on Sundays.

Mommy pretty much knows what to get…without me prompting her.

But there are a few things I have to decide on. Cookies. Chips. And dwinks (Gatorade).

It’s not that easy.

choices_oreoI only get one cookie. Three chips. And usually 10 dwinks.

One cookie. Really?!?!

All those cookies. Birthday cake kind. Key lime pie ones. Mint. Triple stiff. Double.

And now they’re making some called “Thin Oreos”. What the…???

How do you decide on just one? And worse…only the ones Mommy says I like.

I guess she’s right. Those key lime ones are pretty gross. Not sure what they were thinking when they made those???

Still. It’s not easy.

choices_pringlesAnd then the chips. Pizza flavored. White ones. Salt and vinegar. Green. Pickle flavored.

In fact. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with all the choices.

Remember the good ‘ol days. There was just plain. And maybe BBQ.

How do you narrow down just 3 of them?

Like the cookies. THAT’S not easy either.

The fact is. Mommy and Daddy are pretty stubborn sometimes. I’m not a big fan of them when they get that way.

Usually. I let it go and just live with the choice they finally pick for me. But sometimes…

…not so much.

Sometimes they say I melt-down. Not sure what that is???

I mean. Sure. I might not handle it well. I might even get a little loud and cause a scene.

But I just know that one of EACH flavor is – often – the ONLY solution to all these choices.

Plus…I don’t tell them which package of shicken or hambooger to get.

Anyway. I’m not bitter. And I usually get over it pretty quick.

But if you think you have BIG decisions during the day…you have no idea the decisions autistic people have to make.

Try picking just one package of cookies! <insert an impossible decision head shake here>

Awwwl-right. I’m gonna go for now.

See ya ta-mah-wo.



Photo Bomb

A little secret?

fraggleA skill I have the rivals my farming …is my photography.

I am REEEEEALLY good with a camera.

Here’s a little sample on the right…notice the lighting…the juxtaposition of scary and funny…the mood…

Uncanny really.

The fact is. Some people have an eye for it. And some people don’t.

I happen to be one of the have’s.

I’m pretty sure I get my sillz from my Mommy. She’s good with a camera too. See!

Dad? Well…at least he’s pretty. I mean everyone says I look like him. Sooo….

Anyway. Mommy takes pictures of people a lot. In fact, we took some last night.

Daddy and I went with her. She likes to consult me about angles and such.

I had to take Daddy to get a dwink and candy. He was being C-R-A-B-B-Y crabby…it was kinda late…so it wasn’t really his fault.

After the candy run. We went back to where Mommy was and helped her finish up.

IMG_7938I also help her take pictures of houses. Not really sure why anyone would do that? Pretty boring subjects. But…whatever???

See what I mean???

This is a picture of my friend Lemon’s house.

Great picture…and I’m sure someone will want to buy her house because of it…but booooor-ring.

Back to me. After all that’s why your here…isn’t it?

One of the things I’ve picked up from watching Mommy take the pictures is this <write this down>.

It’s not as much about the subject…as it is the presentation.

pictureExhibit A (on the left). You’ll notice a picture of a picture frame. WITH a picture of a picture frame. Of…wait for for it…a picture I took from a moooovie.

See what I mean…you can’t teach that. You have it…or you don’t.

Sorry Dad. Mommy and me have it…and you don’t.

But I guess you’re good at…well…oh…you mow the lawn pretty good.

Here’s the thing. If you’re not good at taking pictures…don’t be hard on yourself.

I’ve been taking pictures as long as I can remember. So. Naturally. I’m gonna be better than most.

As they say. Don’t hate the player…

Although. MOST of my work doesn’t make to print. Because someone <insert quite whisper Mommy and Daddy> doesn’t let me print whenever I want. Jealous much???

Sad really.

Buuuut every-now-and-then I let them buy me some ink for my printer. I think it makes them happy to see me printing.

I think that because they always say “WoooooW! Look at ALL those pretty pictures you printed. I can’t wait until we get to go back to the store to buy more ink and paper.”

I know! You’re welcome.

Ok. Well…that’s all for now. I have to get back-to-werk.

See ya ta-mah-wo.