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A Child Like That

Beauty and the Beast Tour

Daddy was reading an article the other day.

Yes.Yes. He reads. Very funny.

Anywho! He was telling me about it. You can read it for yourself here…if you don’t believe Daddy…but I’ll vouch for him.

Apparently. A mommy took her autistic son to play on Broadway…that’s in New York…I think???

That sounds like fun…I’d like to play in New York.

Wait…what? Hold on. Dad’s interrupting. Sorry.

Ohhhhhhh…not TO play…TO A play. Like watchin’ a moooovie…but it’s in real life? Gotcha.

Well I’ve been TO A play. Not on Broadway. At the high school where Mommy used to work.

Well that makes the story even cooler…and it makes more sense.

Bandaid-on-heartAnyway. During the play…there was a very tense moment. And this poor kid got upset…because he thought someone really got hurt.

I can’t speak for all autistic people…but I am really sensitive about other people being hurt too. Really knocks me off my game. So I know EXACTLY how that kid felt.

Daddy said this kid had a meltdown in the theater.

His mommy tried to get up and leave…but he wasn’t having it. If someone had a boo-boo and needed a band-aid…he was staying.

As this was going on. The other people in the audience were getting mad at this kid and his mommy.

I guess things may have calmed down. But after the show…one of the actors in the play wrote a long post.

He said he was really sad. Not that that kid had a meltdown during the play. He was really sad about the way people were treating the kid and his mommy.

He also said he thought is was not-nice that people were asking why she would bring “a child like that” to a play.

autism puzzle“A child like that”??? What does that even mean???

And “why would she bring him”???

How about because “a child like that” deserves to have fun too.

And “a child like that” actually learns how to behave by being around other normal people…and watching their behavior.


Sure. We [autistic people] don’t always do the right thing. And sometimes we lose our cool. Who doesn’t???

Who? Doesn’t?

I’m pretty lucky though. Mommy and Daddy take me to places like that all the time.

Moooovies. The one that has as much popcorn as I can eat and the REALLY big TV!

Plays. Sometimes the actors even bring me up on stage before the play to dance with them…you know…show ’em a few moves and shake-it-out.

Football games. Although…everyone talks loud there anyway…so it doesn’t really matter.

Annnnnd. Every now-and-then I might get a little loud when I shouldn’t. Especially when I know the words to the song.

palm to foreheadI’vvvvvve also been know act out when I’m hangry.

What’s hangry? Mommy says that’s when being hungry causes me to be angry. Hangry…

…see Daddy’s not the only goofball I have to put up with. <insert palm-forehead here>

You people have no idea.

But Mommy and Daddy take me anyway.

Like me. I think this little kid was lucky too. His Mommy probably takes him out to enjoy things everyone gets to. At least I hope she still does.

And I think it’s was really cool what that actor said.

Here’s a couple quotes from Kelvin (actor)…

kelvin moon loh“…I am in a show that is completely FAMILY FRIENDLY…and that means entire families – with disabilities or not.”


“Not for some special performances but for all performances. A night at the theater is special on any night you get to go.”

Speaking of getting to go…

Bye…see ya ta-mah-wo.


Here’s where I got the pics:

Beauty and the Beast