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Label Me

Label-MakerI remember a conversation Dad was having with a doctor about me once.

As I’ve said before…I don’t always pay attention to what he says…so I’m not sure what his exact words were.

BarneyBut it was something like “I don’t care if you call him a purple dinosaur.”

A purple dinosaur!?!?

That’s ridiculous. Have you ever heard of such a thing???

Purple dinosaur… <insert head shake here>

I’ve also heard Mommy tell other parents with kids like me “Who cares what they call him? Let them call him whatever they want.”

I know. On the surface this sounds harsh.

But let me give you some context.

Because…the fact is…if someone called me a mean name…meant to hurt my feelings…or belittle me…

ronda-rousey-woman-mma-fighter…well…I’d hate to see what Daddy would do to them…

…and that’s if there was anything left after Mommy was done with them.

Both of them are pretty protective of me.

So when they said “call him what you want”…they mean call me what you want if it gets me more help.

See…I think some parents don’t like when their kid is called autistic, developmentally delayed, slow, Asperger’s…or whatever.

I don’t know?

Maybe they’re afraid people will treat them different? Or maybe it means they have to come to a realization they’re not ready to accept? Or maybe because they feel like they’re being criticized and blamed?

Like I said. I don’t know?

Maybe they haven’t realized how cool it is to have a kid like me.

Luckily. Mom and Dad have…and focus on the positives.

But let’s get real…why wouldn’t they focus on the positives?

I mean…Mommy and Daddy saaaay we go to the Disney store just for me…

…but who doesn’t enjoy a trip to see all the latest stuffed babies.

Don’t get me wrong…they’re not always positive. I’ve had to take them to get frensch-fries-shicken to talk ’em off the ledge a couple times.

It’s a big responsibility…but I can do it.

And maybe because they focus on how cool I am…they don’t really care what people call me if they’re trying to help.

Besides. Sometimes a label gives me the opportunity to meet someone who can help me do something fun.

talk_to_the_hand_by_moviesbro-d8zty3aLike riding a horse. Making a house for the birds. Plant a garden. Art. Take a jungle walk. Or help me get a dog so I can get around all by myself.

Anyway. I’m not giving the thumbs-up to go around calling people names. But if a label is used for good…label me.

And if the label is used to be mean…talk to da haaaand.

Well…I gotta go. But don’t worry…I’ll be baaack.

Bye. See ya ta-mah-wo.



Here’s where I got the pics:

Label maker








My Green Thumb

A lot of people don’t know this about me. But I’m a bit of a gween fumb.

Yep. I can grow juuuuust about anything. I’ve been doing it since I was little. So…I’m pretty good at it.

farmMommy and Daddy made this box for for my farm. I plant things there. And water them.

Mostly corn. Radishes. Watermelon. Tomatoes. Oh…and cucumbers.

Funny thing? Except for fwensh-fwrys…I hate vegetables. But for some reason…if they come from the ground…I’ll eat ’em.

Ok. That’s not completely true. I’ll take a bite of a radish. If it’s good enough for a Fraggle…it’s good enough for me.

It’s aw-rite though. Luckily not much grows anyway. I don’t understand?

I’ve planted about 50 packages of seeds in there…you’d think something would grow???

fly trapBut that’s not my favorite plant. My favorites are carnivorous plants. Like this Venus Fly Trap…that’s my latest victim subject.

stock-illustration-17088529-carnivorous-plant-cartoonDon’t believe the box though. They look nothing like that.

Anyway…that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Another thing about these carnivorous plant…THEY ARE TEMPERAMENTAL.

I mean I water them. And water them. And water them. I move them around the house. I talk to them.

And still…nothing.

You’d think they’d be happy. They don’t have to sit in the same place all day long like the radishes. I move them from pot-to-pot-to-pot…

But no. After a couple weeks. They die.

Next thing you know. I’m dragging one of my peeps down to the store to pick up another one. Or ordering them on the com-puker.

Dad and Mom say they know way more about these plants than they’d like.

Not sure what that means. They’re certainly not helping me keep them alive. I don’t think I’ve seen them water ’em once. And they’re not the ones moving them to a new pot every-other day.

Well…I’ve got to go with Daddy. He needs help looking at a house. Probably wants some free landscaping advice. It’s a never ending battle…

I’ll make him buy me lunch.


Don’t worry. I’ll keep you in the loop. Once I “crack the code” on the vena-fwy-twap…I’ll make sure my fans know.

Until then. See ya ta-mah-wo.


Top two pictures are mine…last one…I got here.