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These Are My Daawgs

So in my last couple posts here and here, I have mentioned JackJoey.

jackjoey3Many of my fans have asked…just who is JackJoey?

They’re my daawgs.

I think they are both…hold on.

WHAT!??! What do daawgs say??? Daddy…I’m kinda in the middle of…

FINE. Daawgs say woof woof woof.

Sorry…that was my Dad asking what daawgs say. I swear keeping that guy entertained is a full time job. Exhausting. <shaking my head>

Anyway…where was I?

jackOh yeah. JackJoey.

jackJoeyThere’s actually two of them. Jack is a Golden-Doodle (he’s over there ===>>) and Joey is a Golden Retriever (that’s her <<===).

But you hardly ever see them apart. EVER. Where one goes…the other goes too. Even in the picture of “her”…he’s hanging around.

Sooooo, it’s just easier to say JackJoey than separate their names.

Hey! I’m a man of few words.

I think they’re both pretty old. Maybe 12 and 11???? So in dog years that’s 11. Times. 7.

That makes them…let’s see…carry the 1…and…

…I dunno…old?

Mommy and Daddy say they probably won’t be around much longer. I’m not really sure what that means? Where are they gonna go?

They’re pretty good daawgs though. They bark and growl really mean when people walk by the house. Or when someone drops off a package…which reminds me…I should be getting a package today…I’ll have to keep an eye out.

Well…Jack barks and growls. Joey just stands there beside him wagging her tail. I think I’ve only heard her bark once or twice. Like me…she’s a girl of few words.

I’m not really sure what the barking is about. Maybe to sound tough? I guess???

Believe me. He’s not tough. One time…Dad took him on a run…he lost a toe.

Jack did…not Daddy. I think Dad looses marbles…at least that what Mommy says.

And another time. He was playing in the snow. And cut his foot. How do cut your foot…on the snow?

I guess he should only be allowed to run around in a pillow factory. Never mind. Bad idea. He’d probably choke on fev-fers they put in the pill-wos.

Anywho. Both of them are really good to me. They don’t bite me if I get mad and accidentally jackjoey2pull their tail. They let me pet them. They take the blame for eating all the cookies. They hang out under the kitchen table so I don’t have to clean up if I drop something.

And most importantly…they always love me and I always love them.

Although they don’t like getting their pictures taken like I do. This one was like corralling cats. But at least I got everyone to smile.

Ok. Well I have to go for now.

Daddy asked me to come along with him to run some errands this morning. Probably needs my advice on some real estate stuff???

And I have to go see the dentist (I’ll tell you about that later).

But now you know my daawgs JackJoey.

See ya ta-mah-wo.

Hi My Name’s Alec…

toys2…and my parents are addicted to buying me stuffed BAY-bees.

I don’t think you understand. I mean it…you REALLY don’t understand.

It seems everywhere we go…there’s a store with stuff BAY-bees…and we have to stop and get one. Or two…if they’re on sale.

Mommy’s big on sales.

And not just sometimes. ALL. THE. TIME. Cray-cray.

And whenever we go somewhere there is a BAY-bee store. We ALWAYS have to go to THAAAAT store first.

Even before we eat. Unbelievable?

Good news? I have an incredible memory.

So if we’ve been there before. I remember EXACTLY where the BAY-bee store is…so we don’t waste a lot of time looking. We can make a BAY-bee line straight there.

BAY-bee line…get it..bee line..BAY-bee line…haha…I crack me up.

And. Even if we haven’t been there before. I have a pretty good nose for finding the store.

I really am a time saver. You’re welcome Mommy and Daddy.

toys1And now it’s getting worse. They figured out you can buy these things online. So they have book marks on the compuker.

You know…book marks for the sites that sell BAY-bees.

And you should see the shopping carts in some of these stores. I think one cart has about $60,000 worth of BAY-bees!

$60,000! WHO DOES THAT?!?!

So far I’ve held them off on pulling THAT trigger. Sad. <insert cocked to the side, pathetic head shake here>

But if you think that’s bad. Wait!…no Wait!

In order to keep up the charade of this “little” addiction my parents have.

I pick one or two BAY-bees each night to sleep in bed with me.

It’s usually different every night. I don’t want to hurt any feelings.

Mom and Dad think it’s random. But I have a system. You know…to keep everyone happy.

toys3One last thing…and then I have to go.

(This is a tough subject to talk about…if you’ve never lived with an addict…or two…choke…holding back tears)

What I find the most amazing is that I don’t have they haven’t bought me any duplicates.They really are pretty sharp…those two.

Sometimes JackJoey gets a hold of one and…well…let’s just say…it ain’t pretty.

One time. We came home and it was a stuff-pocalypse.

When that happens. They insist on going out and getting a replacement immediately.

Well that’s enough for today.


See ya ta-mah-wo.





This Is Embarrassing

storm cloudsI’m gonna share an embarrassing story. So I need you to promise that you won’t tell anyone.

Mom and Dad are scared to death during storms.

<<<====Like this one.

It’s true.

It’s embarrassing really…you can imagine. I mean two grown ups…scared…

Rain’s ok. But when the thunder and lightening start they get hysterical.

That’s not the worst part.

When it gets really bad…they can’t sleep alone. They make me sleep in between them…so they can sleep.

Of course. I make it look like I’m scared…and it’s my idea…just so they don’t feel bad.

king-size-bed-setI’m not gonna lie. Their bed is very comfortable. And it’s a HUGE king sized bed.

But it gets really small when there are 3 of us in there.

And it gets even smaller when Jack and Joey dog pile on.

So if you’re keeping track. Two adults, two dogs, and me.

I get it. I mean…I understand why they’d be scared.

You just never know when the thunder’s gonna hit. And it’s loud. REALLY loud.

jungle bookNot only that…sometimes it shakes the house. Like the elephant patrol in The Jungle Book. FORWARD…MARCH. COMPANY…HALT. MARCH. HALT….

Plus. It seems to come whenever it feels like.

Honestly. For someone who is sensitive to loud sounds…it can be scary.

So don’t be too hard on my folks when you see ’em next time.

I’m just glad I am here with Mommy and Daddy so they can get some sleep.

I have to go now. I just got a new Rug Rats video…

See ya ta-mah-wo.


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