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A Child Like That

Beauty and the Beast Tour

Daddy was reading an article the other day.

Yes.Yes. He reads. Very funny.

Anywho! He was telling me about it. You can read it for yourself here…if you don’t believe Daddy…but I’ll vouch for him.

Apparently. A mommy took her autistic son to play on Broadway…that’s in New York…I think???

That sounds like fun…I’d like to play in New York.

Wait…what? Hold on. Dad’s interrupting. Sorry.

Ohhhhhhh…not TO play…TO A play. Like watchin’ a moooovie…but it’s in real life? Gotcha.

Well I’ve been TO A play. Not on Broadway. At the high school where Mommy used to work.

Well that makes the story even cooler…and it makes more sense.

Bandaid-on-heartAnyway. During the play…there was a very tense moment. And this poor kid got upset…because he thought someone really got hurt.

I can’t speak for all autistic people…but I am really sensitive about other people being hurt too. Really knocks me off my game. So I know EXACTLY how that kid felt.

Daddy said this kid had a meltdown in the theater.

His mommy tried to get up and leave…but he wasn’t having it. If someone had a boo-boo and needed a band-aid…he was staying.

As this was going on. The other people in the audience were getting mad at this kid and his mommy.

I guess things may have calmed down. But after the show…one of the actors in the play wrote a long post.

He said he was really sad. Not that that kid had a meltdown during the play. He was really sad about the way people were treating the kid and his mommy.

He also said he thought is was not-nice that people were asking why she would bring “a child like that” to a play.

autism puzzle“A child like that”??? What does that even mean???

And “why would she bring him”???

How about because “a child like that” deserves to have fun too.

And “a child like that” actually learns how to behave by being around other normal people…and watching their behavior.


Sure. We [autistic people] don’t always do the right thing. And sometimes we lose our cool. Who doesn’t???

Who? Doesn’t?

I’m pretty lucky though. Mommy and Daddy take me to places like that all the time.

Moooovies. The one that has as much popcorn as I can eat and the REALLY big TV!

Plays. Sometimes the actors even bring me up on stage before the play to dance with them…you know…show ’em a few moves and shake-it-out.

Football games. Although…everyone talks loud there anyway…so it doesn’t really matter.

Annnnnd. Every now-and-then I might get a little loud when I shouldn’t. Especially when I know the words to the song.

palm to foreheadI’vvvvvve also been know act out when I’m hangry.

What’s hangry? Mommy says that’s when being hungry causes me to be angry. Hangry…

…see Daddy’s not the only goofball I have to put up with. <insert palm-forehead here>

You people have no idea.

But Mommy and Daddy take me anyway.

Like me. I think this little kid was lucky too. His Mommy probably takes him out to enjoy things everyone gets to. At least I hope she still does.

And I think it’s was really cool what that actor said.

Here’s a couple quotes from Kelvin (actor)…

kelvin moon loh“…I am in a show that is completely FAMILY FRIENDLY…and that means entire families – with disabilities or not.”


“Not for some special performances but for all performances. A night at the theater is special on any night you get to go.”

Speaking of getting to go…

Bye…see ya ta-mah-wo.


Here’s where I got the pics:

Beauty and the Beast



Not Like The Good Old Days

VCRRemember the good ol’ days.

When your movie machine lasted for a really long time.


I can kill a D-bee-D player in about 2 months.

I know! They’re really cheap. Like…2 dollars…or something???

I think I hear them called throw away now.

I don’t know what that means…

…but talking Mommy and Daddy into taking me to the store to get a new one? Hassle and a half.

Sometimes those two are really hard to deal with.

We have to finish “working”. Or. We’ll get you a new one tomorrow. Or. How about coloring in your book?


Great idea people!

dvdsBut I still have a bunch of D-bee-D’s to watch. Look at these…

…they don’t just watch themselves.

And…what if Wyon King doesn’t doesn’t make it back to the pride this time? How will the jungle turn out with Scar at that helm?

Or what if Robin Hood – A Fox? Doesn’t save Maid Marian – A Vixen?

Good news though. While technology has taken away. It has also given back.

compukerThe compuker my Mommy gave me has a D-bee-D player in it!


Well THAT is super cool! And…how long has that been there?

Daddy says don’t get used to it. It won’t be long before all compukers stop coming with D-bee-D players.

Yeah right! Keep dreamin’ old man. How will we watch movies in “the future”?

One problem though. If I watch the videos on the compuker…I have to watch them in Daddy or Mommy’s office while they work.

If you know them…I don’t have to tell you. But if you don’t know them…

…well…let’s just say they is n-o-i-s-y…LOUD!

Always talking to people on the phone.

What did you think about this? How about that? Oh…well check out this one I’ve got on the market.

Or. How can I help you with your skoool werk? What can we do to make the course better?

And he is always making videos of himself or houses so he can put them on the internet.

Mom’s always making pictures…or videos…just like Dad.

No offense…and I’ll deny this if you tell them I said so…but they seem a little needy sometimes.

Maybe starving for attention?

I dunno where they get that????

I guess I’ll have to do a better job of spending more time with them. And telling them how “awesome” they are.

Maybe get them a trophy. <insert exhausted head shake with an eye roll here>

Ok. Well I have to get back to werk.

Bye. See ya ta-mah-wo.


Here’s where I got the picture of the old VCR.

My Brave’s Appearance

braves gameAs you can imagine. I am a huge supporter of Autism Awareness.

It’s a little cumbersome sometimes. But I lend my celebrity to the cause by attending these events.

Some of them are pretty fun. Some…not so much.

I was just looking through some of my pictures. They were of an event I took a few friends to a couple weeks ago.

It was my first trip to an Atlanta Bwaves baseball game.

It was pretty cool I guess.

turnerdrummersThey had drums there. I love drums. Especially when the drummers dance. I love to boogie.

DSC06451.JPGAnd they also had a REALLY BIG drum. That was WAAAAAAY cool. The guy would play that. And all the people in the stadium who came out to see me did the tomahawk chop.

We sang “take me out to the ol’ ball game”.

Not only did they have drums. They also had a place to get my favorite eats…frensh fry chicken. Aaaand they had refills on the dwinks. Who knew?

bravesAnd…just to get into the spirit…I went all out and got some face paint to support the team.


I have to admit though…that’s kinda where the fun stopped.

Do you have any idea how booooooring a baseball game is? It takes forever!!!

Guys run out on the field. One guy throws a baawl to another. Another tries to hit it with a stick. And then they go inside while more guys do the same thing.

And that just 1 inning! Whatever that is???? But there’s 9 of them. 9!

What the….???

Not to mention it was H-O-T. Hawt. I am not a big fan of hawt.

Mom says it has to do with my body’s inability to process heat…or something. I don’t know about all that??? But I don’t like it.

I guess that’s the price of celebrity.

braves game 2But it was for a good cause. And I got to hang out with some friends. All in the name of autism awareness.

Would I do it again?

Probably. If I had to.

GrumpyBut I have to admit. I was really off the next day. Some might say gwumpy. You know…like Sno-white.

I think it was because of the stimulation. People with autism react differently to stimulation.

For me. Tons of people. Really loud noises. Lots of activities. Not on my schedule.

That’s tough.

Oh! Mommy and Daddy…if you’re reading this?

Maybe pick pick something indoors next time. Like basketball or hockey or…better…a moooovie.

Ok. I have to go for now. I have a bunch of werk to do. Pictures. Signs. Drawing.

See ya ta-mah-wo.

Here’s where I got some of the pics:

Heavy Hitters

Big Drum


The others were mine.


Photo Bomb

A little secret?

fraggleA skill I have the rivals my farming …is my photography.

I am REEEEEALLY good with a camera.

Here’s a little sample on the right…notice the lighting…the juxtaposition of scary and funny…the mood…

Uncanny really.

The fact is. Some people have an eye for it. And some people don’t.

I happen to be one of the have’s.

I’m pretty sure I get my sillz from my Mommy. She’s good with a camera too. See!

Dad? Well…at least he’s pretty. I mean everyone says I look like him. Sooo….

Anyway. Mommy takes pictures of people a lot. In fact, we took some last night.

Daddy and I went with her. She likes to consult me about angles and such.

I had to take Daddy to get a dwink and candy. He was being C-R-A-B-B-Y crabby…it was kinda late…so it wasn’t really his fault.

After the candy run. We went back to where Mommy was and helped her finish up.

IMG_7938I also help her take pictures of houses. Not really sure why anyone would do that? Pretty boring subjects. But…whatever???

See what I mean???

This is a picture of my friend Lemon’s house.

Great picture…and I’m sure someone will want to buy her house because of it…but booooor-ring.

Back to me. After all that’s why your here…isn’t it?

One of the things I’ve picked up from watching Mommy take the pictures is this <write this down>.

It’s not as much about the subject…as it is the presentation.

pictureExhibit A (on the left). You’ll notice a picture of a picture frame. WITH a picture of a picture frame. Of…wait for for it…a picture I took from a moooovie.

See what I mean…you can’t teach that. You have it…or you don’t.

Sorry Dad. Mommy and me have it…and you don’t.

But I guess you’re good at…well…oh…you mow the lawn pretty good.

Here’s the thing. If you’re not good at taking pictures…don’t be hard on yourself.

I’ve been taking pictures as long as I can remember. So. Naturally. I’m gonna be better than most.

As they say. Don’t hate the player…

Although. MOST of my work doesn’t make to print. Because someone <insert quite whisper Mommy and Daddy> doesn’t let me print whenever I want. Jealous much???

Sad really.

Buuuut every-now-and-then I let them buy me some ink for my printer. I think it makes them happy to see me printing.

I think that because they always say “WoooooW! Look at ALL those pretty pictures you printed. I can’t wait until we get to go back to the store to buy more ink and paper.”

I know! You’re welcome.

Ok. Well…that’s all for now. I have to get back-to-werk.

See ya ta-mah-wo.